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The Kono District of Sierra Leone

Map: Sierra Leonne - Kono District
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Welcome To The Youth Salvation Trust

The Youth Salvation Trust is a Non-Profit Making, Non-Political and Non-Denominational Charitable Organization, which is designed with the primary aim of catering for the welfare of the marginalized, distressed, deprived, socially and economically handicapped people. The majority of such people live presently in post war Sierra Leone.

During the ten (10) years rebel war (1991-2001) the entire citizenry suffered immense atrocities including the massive destruction of infrastructural facilities such as the roads network, educational institutions, private and public buildings, market center structures, and sources of safe drinking water. As a result the living condition of the country presently is miserable and unbearable in all the communities. Because of poverty the number of children not attending school is high and the parents of a good number of those in school cannot adequately provide for their schooling. Many of the youths and young adults do not have gainful employment and they therefore engage themselves in all sorts of criminal activities simply to survive.

Therefore crime rates and social unrest is very high especially in the urban cities where majority of the young folks come to find better living conditions avoiding their poor villages.

Being aware of the difficult situations in which people presently live in the war devastated Sierra Leone, a patriotic and humanitarian Sierra Leonean, Eric Gbakama took the bold initiative and founded the YOUTH SALVATION TRUST with the sole aim of alleviating the suffering of the masses in the country. This idea meant to be shared with and support by other humanitarian groups and individuals who sympathize with the poor people living in deplorable and difficult situations especially in Sierra Leone.


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The Youth Salvation Trust regularly assists poor families with scholarships for their children, thereby encouraging them to go to school & complete their education.

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